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I have tray after tray of healthy plants ready to be set out, but with the heat and very high humidity, I am waiting. A real feel of 110 yesterday and more coming this week. Constant showers on the afternoons.

A couple days ago my wife did much of the work in setting put some no till rows. I used a large PVC pipe to mark each row and then sprinkled lime; this left well defined spaces when the pipe was removed. Then a Warren hoe was used to dig the shallow holes for the seed.

I still have seed for later planting.

We carefully searched the web for winter hardy varieties of brassicas, lettuce, oriental greens, cabbages and more....those that would last through the winter.

With all of the pests above and below ground, diseases, and nutritional needs of the seed plantings, any suggestions for how to side dress or broadcast soil treatments to make a pre-emptive strike against later pests and address nutrient issues without killing the seedlings.

I have forgotten so much after my stroke and just can't till, dig, or bend much. At least this small effort gets me outside and provides some interest. Right now, the seed is in the ground in one spot and the plants will go into my other garden of pure compost. Suppose, later side dressing with top soil or other treatments would help the back garden of solid clay? Used to be the brassicas and cabbages would get eaten alive top and bottom by disease and pests.
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