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Default Tomatillo Pollination The Facts?

Ok here is the deal.
I have never grown these critters ever in my life.
I purchased some the last time I was home and they just said (tomatillo)
I have possibly narrowed the variety down to Cisinaros due to the large size they said it would get.
The store in Austin (The Natural Gardener) didn't even tell people you needed at least 2 of them.
They are covered in blooms and for all I can read here and other places I get conflicting information.

I am looking for an expert such as Craig L (nctomatoman) or anyone else that has experience to tell me something.

Will a tomatillo plant pollinate another tomatillo plant, if they are the same variety?
They are all bunched together in one area and I have some I think pollinated, the husk is closed and they are not yellow and falling off.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

PS Fried green Tomatillos are to die for.
Did Someone Mention Food????


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