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I juice it all. Never use it in cooking. There is not a lot of material in a pound of basil leaves and seed. I do like the odour. 15 June 2015 Juice Kale Collards Escarole Basil Celery
The current vegetables in the garden were made into 20 liters of juice, and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature. Vegetables were Collards 4 pounds, Kale 7 pounds, Escarole 4 pounds, Basil 1/4 pound, Celery 4 pounds. All were cooked until soft and beat into a slurry then stained and stored in liter jars. Pictures depict the process. 11 July 2012 Tomato Juice.(Beet,Carrot,Basil)
Fourteen pounds of tomatoes was made into juice with some beets to enhance colour, some carrots for more nutrition, and some basil for flavour.All the products were picked immediately prior to processing. Annotated photographs depict the process.
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