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This time of the year down here aphids are almost always a problem unless you have an abundance of ladybugs to keep them under control. If you don't keep working on them they can cause your new growth to die and if they get too thick on larger plants all kinds of bad things happen. When the plants are young I like to spray them every few days with alternating soapy water, neem oil, and just a hard water spray. If they get bad then I will bring out the big guns and spray them with a combination of very soapy water, DE, and Permethrin making sure to get the undersides of all the leaves and the soil surface or mulch. Even in my greenhouse I already have a problem with them on my young pepper seedlings from hot to bells. They seem to mostly leave my tomatoes alone also. Dusting thoroughly with DE will help as long as it isn't too humid every morning so it stays dry long enough to work.

Good luck.

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