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I know the "curator" at the heifer int. project here that oversees the agriculture. Chris often does videos on tomato growing, which are rather cute. He recently did one and showcased his tomatoes. Did he go in the open field? Ha, Ha. Nope. He went into the high tunnel to discuss how easy peasy growing tomatoes were & did his video on a cherry to boot.

He did go outside for a quick shot and short segment, but went str8 to the determinate variety, and another small tomato.

Also, too - maybe worth mention. Dispersed lighting seems to do much better here, it is softer (as opposed to direct beams). Defused material breaking up the light doesn't seem quite intense. Can anyone else give opinion on defused lighting vs. direct lighting? Also, direct lighting pouring through a clear cover seems to heat things up tremendously, almost like it is going to set something on fire (magnifying glassish)....
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