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About 30 years ago a company called "Earthline" bought a closed coal mine 10-12 miles from here. New fences and guard towers went up, then the semis started rolling in dumping barrels of PCB in the abandoned mine. The town of Wilsonville, IL finally caught wind of what they were doing and setup roadblocks to the only entrance to the mine. This got everyone's attention, lawsuits, court hearings soon followed. The town got an injunction for them to stop, then won a lawsuit for Earthline to clean up the site.
The site is now a barren wasteland... I know a few people who are still alive after working for the company doing the toxic cleanup, but not many. A friend I went to school with is one of them, he came down with a strange disease that not many knew of his throat would swell shut for no reason, he had to carry a tube with him to stick down his throat so he could breathe long enough to drive himself to the hospital. He also became a "super healer", if he cut himself it would heal in a couple days instead of weeks. He's been to the MAO clinic many times and they finally figured out what it was,
though I don't remember what they called it, but only a couple hundred people in the world have ever had it. He's still alive and they somewhat have it under control.
I apologize to anyone that has been offended by me starting this thread, or my opinion on it, those were not my intentions... But I'm done commenting on it.

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
None of theze companies have a problem dumping they will get away with what they can.
Hear is one for you.
Years ago I worked at times in a plant that recycled spent catalyst from chemical plants to recover the rare metals from it.
The trucks hauled in this nasty stuff and dumped it in huge smelly smoking piles.
On the sides of these trucks said so and so landscaping and dirt hauling.
In other words the very trucks that hauled soil to houses hauled this nasty stuff.
This isn't something I saw or read on the internet it is what I saw with my own two eyes.
The place where they made some of the other stuff I mentioned like polystyrene had a huge dead forest in back where they tested agent orange.
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