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Well the thread has been everywhere now, but the original post was about this new problem attributed to growers of Monsanto's latest GMO - Dicama herbicide drift which is killing acres of crops this year. It was a new one on me, as I never heard of Dicama before. But the worst thing about it, evidently, is that it vaporizes and spreads elsewhere than intended, really easily.

TC Manhattan posted a link to a news article about it, and you can get the goods on Dicama by google too.

I was looking at honey in the store today, and could not find a liquid organic honey for the convenience of mixing salad dressing. Almost all the conventional Canadian honey contains a mixture of honey from China. The problem there iirc is neonicotinoid pesticides and yes they're in the honey. So sadly no honey for me today.
@Brownrexx, it dawned on me afterwards what a funny thing you said. If you don't like them don't use their products... as if anyone who "doesn't like" Monsanto would use it Tx for chuckles.
For each person that I've met, it is either "Monsatan" or "Monsaviour" afaict, there is no middle ground "Monsanto".

I have no problem either, admitting that I distrust pretty well all chemicals and chemical industries, and avoid the lot of it as much as I can. Pharmaceuticals included. Besides I'm getting old and set in my ways. Have always grown organically, too old to change.
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