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This season,my first trays of tomatoes and peppers came up fine, with just one or two minor 'helmet heads'.
But my second round little tray-every darn double seeded peat came up with 'helmet head'. The only seedling with even a little seed leaf showing-I accidentally killed trying to remove the darn 'helmet head'.
This is my third attempt at my round two tomatoes. I'd like to know what causes the 'helmet head' and how to prevent it.
Thank you carolyn137 providing the 'saliva method' to remove the dang 'helmet heads'. The Safer Soap sounds good too as I have both...
I used to just leave the seedling alone, IF it had any seed leaves showing, then remove the seed hull after the plant started to produce true leaves, I'd just pinch the hull off. The plant did just fine.
The last two seasons, every evil plant murdering thing imaginable has attacked my veggies-I do mean everything...thank goodness there is some wood to pound on...

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