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Hey thanks for the advice, I am just doing it for fun and the learning experience of it. I expect plenty of issues with the whole thing but if it was easy it would not be worth doing. I am expecting that most of the crosses will probably fail on some of the wild ones and hoping for that one or two that will make it. I am planing on doing a few regular crosses as well. I have the two wild cross hybrids planted now for a winter grow. I have never seen so small of a tomato seed before and it matches the size of the wild ones. They have started to germinate will update this and the other post with pics once they are up a little more.

As far as the grafting goes I will probably do some experimenting with more common stock and the crazy glue method from the other OSU (Ohio State University) for their method you do not need any clips or special tools just a small brush, razor blade, and a tube of crazy or super glue. With that method it seals in the connection so the plant grafts quicker and there is less issues and less scaring of the main stem.

I will admit that with the pruvuium complex wild tomato types I am not expecting a whole lot for success, but I am hard headed and usually when I set myself up a goal I tend to achieve it eventually

Oh to answer the root stock question, What I am saying is that the current hybrid root stocks are expensive

Rootstocks widely used for grafting tomato are hybrids between tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), called intraspecific hybrid, or hybrids between tomato (S. lycopersicum) and a wild relative to tomato (such as S. habrochaites) called interspecific hybrid. Interspecific hybrid rootstocks are generally more vigorous but sometimes lack uniformity of germination/seedling emergence.

These are hybrids such as Beaufort, Maxifort, Mutlifort Johnny's Seeds is one of the few places that list them in a some what small quantity of 50 seeds for $21 That is what I mean by its a little expensive for the home gardener looking to try grafting. If an OP seed can be created that gives results to the home or small farmer wanting to try grafting then I think it would be worth it.

If you go to youtube and search for glue grafting it pretty interesting
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