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So what I'm getting here is all Brandywines are PL whether they are Red, Yellow, Black, or Purple except for one which is referred to as "Red Brandywine" which is RL.

Brandywine OTC, Black, and Purple Brandywines are not really Brandywines but a cross with a Brandywine and are not Heirlooms.

It looks like Victory is correct in all Brandywines I have from them. Branywines SS is PL and my "Red Brandywine" is RL.
Now I do have a Winsall I bought from Tomatofest which I'm growing and it is definitely PL so I'm a little unhappy with that. I do see in TGS catelog they have a Winsall that is RL so I guess I'll get that one next year. I'm now wondering what I have and how there seems to be so many Winsall's that are PL. I even see catalogs say it's PL. Someone must have started this and it got into the hands of others I suppose.

Would be nice if there was a website or something where you can look up a variety and know what leaf it's suppose to be. At least if it turns out the opposite you can know you may not have the correct seeds.

Thanks for all the help.
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