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Default Kudzu compost - for Southerners

Folks, I have been experimenting with kudzu compost this spring. As you know, kudzu compost is an old Southern secret, which apparently works because kudzu, a bean vine, is high in nitrogen.

Using a machete, I collect a batch of green kudzu, vines and leaves - a couple of bushels - put it through the wood chipper, and end up with a chopped green mulch. It acts like a turbo charge to the compost pile.

24 hours after mixing it with some water into browns (mostly dry mulched leaves and chipped wood), the compost pile is steaming. I can't put my hand into the middle of it, the heat is so high. After a week or so, the browns become a kind of humus, light brown and crumbly. In six weeks, black compost. Amazing!

I now do this every few weeks as the compost pile gets more browns.

Any other experience with kudzu compost?
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