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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post

Here is a nice one in Athens. I always peruse CL from time to time for materials and such. There was a guy building GH's in my neck of the woods that I purchased (no tax, quality). However, wish it was wider (mine is only 8' wide). DOT limits width without permit.

I think the one above is pretty darn cool. I just assumed you were in Atl., GA. I will be just north of there in October for my Niece's wedding at the Tate House.
Wow, thanks! Just talked to the guy. It has been in place there for 20 years. Some broken glass panels that can't be replaced with glass and are replaced with some kind of plastic plate. I estimate cost of dissembling and moving to Atlanta, building brick foundation, and reassembling to be around $5000.

So, $10,000 investment to overwinter my peppers. Not sure about that.
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