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Originally Posted by ScottinAtlanta View Post
Wow, thanks! Just talked to the guy. It has been in place there for 20 years. Some broken glass panels that can't be replaced with glass and are replaced with some kind of plastic plate. I estimate cost of dissembling and moving to Atlanta, building brick foundation, and reassembling to be around $5000.

So, $10,000 investment to overwinter my peppers. Not sure about that.
I hear ya'. Post was moreso a marker to check craigslist periodically. A lot of people order GH kits and never use, and others are willing to sell dirt cheap. A hoop house would probably suffice in ATL, as winters are not terribly bad with the exception of about a soft 6 week stretch through Feb.

I find the double walled hoop house to be an effective insulator (blower between sheets) and a radiant heater if things dip. Also a water bed heater can be used to set pots on to keep bottom warm - they are cheap.

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