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Originally Posted by pondgardener View Post
My wife loves Mirai bi-colored corn and is disappointed when I plant anything else in the area reserved for sweet corn. And it holds its sweetness and flavor for a long time. Normally bought seed from Jung, but I notice Seeds N Such are carrying it this year.

I agree with Pondgardener here- Mirai has to be the best corn we ever ate; it even got Rob excited enough to go to the community gardens with me when it was coming up and especially when it was ready.

And, I have had it hold it's taste in my fridge for up to 10 days, no kidding.

The other thing I really liked about Mirai for us, it tillered and those tillers usually produced an ear or two as well as the 2 on the main stalk. I buy the seed from Harris seed, best price I could find for the amount I wanted.

Put up a few ears as a door prize at the CG's fall harvest supper and people were all wound up about it.

But, it is that darn good.
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