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Originally Posted by Spike2 View Post
What are you buying that cost $25.00 a pound? I was told that the more expensive the corn seed the better it is? okay? I happily buy corn from Lutz to put up for the winter. I love to support our local farmers. I just want some corn in my back yard so I can pick 2 ears to go with dinner. Not have to buy 14 ears IF Lutz has any corn left.
that was pay dirt and a normal for some of the newer varieties. but commercial growers often buy sweet corn by seed count. we looked at stokes to buy cafe and it was close to 100.00 for 10,000 seeds. enough for one planting of Cafe corn. good night! no way am I spending 100.00 on a patch of sweetcorn just for the seed. we finally found it for 21.00 a pound at another seed supplier near us.

and unfortunately you have to plant corn by the block for pollination. it is nearly impossible to plant to harvest only 2 ears at a time.
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