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Just an update. Thought I would post some pics. Didnt want to start a whole new thread.

The bean bags coming along. On the left, in between the flats on the raised bed is Saladmore Bush Cucumbers. On the right, 94 Pepper plants. Divided up between Jupiter, Cal-Wonder, and Lunch Box. All the flats you see are for sale, or for additional planting. Which I need to build more raised beds outdoors.

Just outside the Bean Tunnel. Raised beds with Snap Peas and Salad Mix. The newest bed barely visible in the pic in the back has summer squash. I need to get on building more beds. More flats and pots that are either for sale or production.

The Tomato House. Everything coming along. There is a bench on the right that needs removed. This will free up some space, look less cluttered.

The other side. This side is a little shadier.

Must be doing something right. Although at this time last year, I had decent size green tomatoes. The extended cold this year really took a hard hit.

The Waves are filling out the baskets. Now they need to start selling!
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