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Hi Babice!

I'm here in Omaha, where it can get a bit harsher in the winter, that is, before climate change at least. We've had some pretty extreme lows as well as the winters that weren't the past two years. Since I started reading the boards, I tried container growing in addition to traditional in-ground. This has allowed me to extend the growing season by planting a few pots of early variety (Stupice, Bloody Butcher, etc.) so I can have tomatoes while waiting for the soil to warm up for a main crop planting. I haven't "run out of season" in any variety I've planted, so unless we get a surprise frost, you should be good with whatever strikes your fancy. I'm glad you woke this board up. I hope you can visit Omaha sometimes. Lauritzen Gardens is very nice.

Edit : Totally agree with the above poster on drought conditions. Some early springs it seems it will never stop raining and it slips into blazing heat and drought. I am looking into mulching material that conserve water as well as drought tolerant vegetables. I will start a sustainable product thread when I gather up some info unless one of the board members already has that knowledge to share.

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