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Originally Posted by Mischka View Post
TO UPLOAD AN IMAGE: You must be in the advanced features post box to do this. Click "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the quick reply window, then select "Manage Attachments". You will see a tiny paper clip icon next to the "smilie faces" icon. Click on it and another window will open. You will have two choices. You can either upload an image directly from your PC or from another website. This is the preferred method to display your images here.
Adding to this, you can also insert thumbnails throughout the body/text of your post instead of just having them at the end as "attached thumbnails".

To do so, go through all the steps explained above. Write your post, then attach your images. Next Go Advanced, and then use the paper clip icon to select and insert images wherever you want them in the post. You'll see something like [ATTACH]number[/ATTACH] wherever they've been inserted.

Lastly, I suggest Preview Changes to make sure everything looks okay before sending your post.

Originally Posted by Mischka View Post
TO LINK AN IMAGE: Click on the Insert Image icon located above the post box. Another window will open. Enter the URL to where your image is located on the Internet. You can only link to photos that are hosted (physically stored) at the site where you are linking to. You cannot link to an already linked image.
Please be aware that if you post a linked image and the link is later "broken" for whatever reason, you risk the chance of your entire post being deleted.
I'd like to re-emphasize this point. I don't want to name any names , but we're seeing several posts where this has occurred. Once the link is broken, unfortunately, we have no way to fix it on our end to get the image to reappear.

Also be aware that simply moving your images on an externally hosted site can create a broken link. With most of the image hosting sites, the links are not "dynamic". However, for those of you that use Morgan's site (feldoncentral) to store photos, you can move your images around without problems.

If you are aware of any broken links in your posts and still have the image somewhere on your computer, you can go back and correct the problem by clicking on in the upper right hand corner of the post and making the necessary changes. That would involve removing the old link, then directly uploading the image as explained earlier.

I find that switching editor mode to show code can be helpful in making such changes. You'll find it in the upper right corner above the posting window. It looks like this:

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to post them in this thread.
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