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We had a full blood ridge back for a couple of years. Sweetest dog we ever had. He just wandered up to the house one day looking hungry. We set a metal bowl of food out for him. He wasn't sure about us, so he picked the bowl up in his mouth and got a secure distance from us before setting the bowl down and eating. It took a few days, but he finally started eating on our deck. He loved to be loved. I don't think he ever spent a full night with us. He would wander off at sunset and reappear in a two or three days looking tired, dirty; and hungry. We tried to keep him, but he was determined to go on walkabout. He liked to sleep in the house, but wanted outside at sunset. He was a good friend for a couple of years and then he disappeared for good. We still talk about him and miss him. we would like to have another ridgeback friend, but I'm not sure a ridgeback can be "owned" by anyone. They just seem to want a place to rest and eat on their walkabout.

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