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Originally Posted by stormymater View Post
Ooooooh Container Ted - soooo funny on soooo many levels....
Blenderized & rinsed & picked from the fine mesh strainer.
From 3 or 4ntomatatillos I now have enough seed to take over the cul-de-sac!

Seriously, I am not supposed to plant these anywhere near tomatoes, am I?
I ask b/c I will have 2 growing locations this summer - WIDELY separated.
First of all, I would put at least two plants in any location. They do not cross with tomatoes in my experience. So, not a problem there. They DO cross easily with other varieties of tomatillos, though. So, I would not put more than one variety in any location. In 2009, I had one variety on one side of the house and another on the other side - roughly 75 apart with the house in-between.

Secondly, one or two plants will give you enough fruits to supply the neighborhood.

Other than that, they really add a delicious extra flavor to salsa and piquante.

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