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A few answers -

1. Not in my experience

2. Support to keep the vines loaded with fruit from hitting the ground. The vines are very susceptible to easy breaking. Actually, you can't really call it a "Vine". It's more like a "stalk" with many branches.

3. About the same or maybe a little less than tomatoes.

4. I don't know this one. Cisneros tomatillos are larger than, say, Grande Maje - like twice or more. It's the difference between a golf ball and a ping pong ball. How many of which one would you put into one pint?? I got more than 100 fruit from one plant in ideal conditions in a container. You may get more with plants that are "in-the-ground".

5. I believe you need more than one plant because they are not self-fertile. I've seen posts on other forums that talk about having ony one plant, but the concensus would be more than one plant.

2. ???

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