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I don't make SalsaVerde that often. If it is ever slimy it has something else in it and
probably from a can or jar. Thickeners and preservatives are often gooey. Emulsifiers that
make bottled salad dressing thick. And canned soups and shampoo, etc.

Tomatillos are more like cranberries, rhubarb, lots of fruits that have a natural sauce
when heated. I think more juicy than slimy like okra, aloe, some cactus. Okra slime is
as slippery as glycerine.

If you like a TexMex style thick salsa that has tomato paste and catchup-y, like Pace,
or Annie's recipe, you probably will not like tomatillos. If you like salsa zesty with lots
of fresh lime and cilantro, you might like it 50/50 with roasted tomatillos till soft, then
add fresh tomatoes.

I made a batch last weekend. Stopped at the international market and picked up 5-6
different hot and sweet peppers, onions, garlic, a few lbs of tomatillos, cut toms in half,
everything into big chunks, 2 whole heads of garlic....all on a thick parchment lined
foil packet and slow roasted on the far end of the grill off the heat. Just a kiss of smoke
flavor, like fire roasted. Into the cuisinart. Lots of lime and cilantro, (with the stems)
6 half pints in the freezer. I use it to make rhubarb BBQ sauce, homemade ketchup, add
to bean salads, pasta salads, chili, breakfast eggs, tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, etc.

Harvest season i add fresh tomatoes. Winter i use frozen cherry tomatoes...still have
a big gallon bag from last year.
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