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Originally Posted by NicolasGarcia View Post
The Alhambra is an Andalusian palatine city located in Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It consists of a set of palaces, gardens and fortress (alcazar or al-qasr القصر) that housed a real citadel within the city of Granada, which served as accommodation to the monarch and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. Its true attraction, as in other Muslim works of the time, not only lies in the interiors, whose decoration is among the peaks of Andalusian art, but also in its location and adaptation, generating a new landscape but fully integrated with the pre-existing nature. The Alhambra, an Andalusian palatine city, was declared a World Heritage Site, together with the Generalife, by the UNESCO committee, on November 2, 1984. Five years later, the Albaicín was added to this denomination, which constitutes one of the the old neighborhoods of Granada. Recently, the Alhambra has been proposed to be named one of the 7 Wonders of the World,

I think you can get this in Kit form from Home Depot here in America instructions included.
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