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Thanks for responding!
Yes, I was bottom watering almost always. I did repot. I thought the roots didn't seem that aggressive at all when I did that. And when the problem started, I checked the roots then and it seemed like they should have been almost rootbound but were nowhere near that still at this point due to all the rain outside - couldn't plant. I had tomatoes growing for the last few months 'practice' and they seemed to have more root material (And none got sick either). Esp the ones I tried in DE. I didn't use the DE on this final big round, don't know why.
As for the vigourousness of "use" of the ferts, the biggest plants are the ones (in general) did fare better whether using RST or Estimino. But my huge Earl Fauxs all went down on both rootstock. In fact all my potato leaved ones pretty much shriveled up but not reg leaved.
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