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Originally Posted by Tapout View Post
I share my mychos with my aunt so the 2 lbs isn't to much. I have a large garden and hope to expand it even further my aunt lives on a farm next door to me.
Then that's a good deal for you. For folks who have never used biological inoculants before some don't realize how little is used per plant even with multiple applications.
For potting up I dusted the roots and the hole. Even applying it liberally that way I hardly put a dent in the 8oz bag. I don't even know how may total potted up tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, ground cherries and annual herbs I have, maybe 100 or so.
I'll be using more on the established perennial herbs, Alpine Strawberry's and such with the marinade injection method right into the root zone. I'll add some more of the VivaRoots! into my plant out root dip with the Great White too. One good thing about myco inoculants is there's no harm in using too much.
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