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Originally Posted by tlintx View Post
Darren, most of what you say normally goes right over my head the same way a 747 does (super fast and way, way, WAY up) but I think I actually understood this post.
I've been trying to tone it down somewhat. ;-) Habits from working as a biologist die hard, however.

Originally Posted by tlintx View Post
Am I understanding correctly, that 1 in 16 seedlings from the F2 should be micro, but only 1 in 64 will be micro and determinate? Is there any way to tell if it's determinate or indeterminate other than letting it just grow?
You got it. Letting them grow is the plan. The size categories should be apparent in the seedling stage, so screening for micros should be pretty quick. The micro-determinate TT started blooming for me at only a couple inches tall, so figuring out if the micros are det or not should also be pretty quick.

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