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Default (Lithium Sunset x Pink Boar) x Cherokee Lime Stripe

(Lithium Sunset x Pink Boar) x Cherokee Lime Stripe
Three way fun! SO MUCH variation in the F1's from this complex cross. Just beautiful striped tomatoes. Most of them tasted pretty good. A couple were pretty bland or soft textured though with the ark-worthy level of rain theywithstood, that's no


JL 4-1

K 5-3 I'm carrying a few segregates forward, but mainly this one, because the taste was really there.

JL 4-2 Very nice GWR

FY 2-3

FY 2-5 The other one I'm carrying forward.  Very good GWR with a pink core

FY 2-2 Epic Colors, bland and soft though. Could get better at F2 or F3?

FY 2-1

FY 4-1 I'm definitly going to do a few F3's from this one, just to see what comes out

FY 2-4

FY 2-6

FY 4-1

FY 2-1
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