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My main problem with this line right now is culling down to just a few to carry forward, because I dig most of these. F3 seems to be a bit of a "sweet spot" in the complex cross growouts.

T17-4, T5-2, T18-3, T7-10
T 5-2 Pink/green stripes, ananas-noir type interior.
T 18-3 black, green stripe, OK+ taste.
T 17-10 Bicolor w/cool stripes, nice, bold, fruity taste - 7.5/10.

T3-2, T17-8, T6-6, T17-10
T 3-2 Bicolor, fruity, 7/10
T 17-8 Bicolor w/cool stripes, taste - 7.5/10.
T 6-6 Bicolor, didn't save any seeds.

T7-5, T7-3, T6-13, T7-7
Didn't save seeds from any of them. Good looks, but not tasty enough to save (at this point, with most of my crosses, if I can't see exceptional taste somewhere in the distance, I'm not saving them).

T 6-7, T 6-10, T 17-6, T 3-11
T 6-10 good taste
T 17-6 Nice acid gell, ok taste.

T 7-12 average taste. Didn't save seeds.

FY 7-9
Such pretty stripes. Productive, excellent taste a true 10/10. I gave it 3 stars in my notes.

FY 7-5 (2), FY 7-1
FY 7-5 ugly outside, really pretty (blood red) inside. Taste 7/10

FY 7-11 and 7-10
FY 7-11 no save.
FY 7-10 black interior, good taste.

FY7-22, 7-19, 7-15

FY 7-5
Ananas noir type interior. 7/10

FY 7-13
Best looks of the bunch, black interior, so so taste.

FY 7-14
Bigger, and a bit soft-textured, but good taste.

FY 7-2
Green/pink bicolor, lemony, nice taste.

FY 3-3, 3-4 and 3-2
FY 3-3 - pretty, piraform. Great, "bright" taste. Good candidate.
FY 3-4 No save.
FY 3-2 Sweet, 8/10

FY 3-8, 3-11, 3-12, 3-9
All pretty average.

FY 3-5
Very fruity, 7.5/10

Rich and sweet.
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