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Well I'm not sure, but I think the expected ratio of dwarfs would be 1/4 ?? If two genes are involved, 1/16. Crmauch posted a thread some time ago about probabilities vs the genetic ratios, so you do need to hedge your bets with more plants. Six is usually good for 1/4 - but I also have missed the recessive with six plants. If two genes are involved.. more than 16 is a good idea, not sure how many.

OTOH, If your F2 plants are not large, possibly they are carrying the gene (or genes?) for dwarf and it may still come out in the F3.

It's great that you got the taste though, even if you missed the dwarfs. Someone with more experience can tell you how easy that is to stabilize, but at least early generations I would say taste is not hard to recover, if it's there in F2 you should find it dominating the F3 and 4 as well... Just a SWAG, you may find off types in a recessive ratio - so 1/4 ish to 1/6 ish. Not sure how much this depends on the actual parents in a cross (somewhat! for sure).

One thing I have thought about doing but haven't due to space limits, is to grow F2 and F3 generations simultaneously. It would be cool to do that and really judge, is taste changing as generations go by or not. Being every season has its own limits...
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