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Default Calcium Issues?

The only time that I have calcium issues (BER) is when I completely change the media in a box. And that is rare. I use lawn and garden dolomitic lime from Tractor Supply. (Hint: search for Dolomite.) I scrape off the top few inches of potting mix and replace it with new + a generous cup of dolomite. I'm still of the opinion that Miracle-Gro potting mix gives the best results, although I do add small amount of a cheaper local nursery mix that has a lot of perlite in it, since MG is a bit skimpy with the perlite. I also do use the fertilizer strip, usually 10-10-10, and if I have any on hand, I mix in some Burpee's or Jobe's organic vegetable and tomato fertilizer.

Incidently, the two boxes this season with the plants that need some more fertilizer had all "local mix" in them. I was out of MG mix and had plenty of the other on hand. Bad decision! BTW, I do have the MG Tomato formula on hand.
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