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hi Lee --

Belated reply to this post!

Don's Double Delight -- really liked it, but only had 1 plant that we were able to transplant out this year, so we'll want to look at it again next year with a larger planting. But, really liked the production + flavor + the prettiness of the fruits -- I don't know how you'd describe the shape of the fruits, but they've got a really interesting folded look to them that I haven't noticed before.

Summer Sweet Gold -- yeah, nice tasting fruits! Not many fruits this year on them this year, had more disease trouble this year for some reason, even though it's generally been a good tomato year for us. We'll have seed available in our 2020 catalog -- our Oregon seed crop grower says it did fine for them.

(We first saw Summer Sweet Gold in 2015 or 2016 when Craig was doing driveway growouts in straw bales of all the dwarfs. Summer Sweet Gold and Dwarf Emerald Giant were 2 of the ones we tried that we liked best for flavor and for disease resistance.)
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