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In the ongoing nematode battle I will concentrate on getting more organic matter into the soil but will also continue to look for other suppressive options.

I bought the 5 lbs of alfalfa meal but never got around to using it. I will this next year.

The local feed & weed has a clearance table and on it was:

I've never run across anything about sesame and nematodes before so for just $1.00 it was "buy now, research later." A few searches resulted in one article mentioning sesame oil as a supressant and another highlighted something called Neo-Tec S.O. Perhaps S.O. refers to Sesame Oil.

“Neo-Tec S.O. is derived from extracts of specific cultivars of hybrid sesame plants. The mode of action includes nematoxic or nemastatic effects, anoxic rhizospheres, disruption of nematode taxis to roots, and disruption of male taxis to females.”

Hmmm, "specific cultivars of hybrid sesame plants". Somehow I doubt that my $1.00 purchase fits that. But one other article I found mentioned growing sesame plants and then following them with something that is not nematode resistant. I just might try that.
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