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I spoke this morning with Kathy at Crowley's Nursery. I requested Material Safety Data Sheet information about the product and Kathy was quite defensive and told me they weren't required to provide it because the product was "all natural". My goodness! Is Atomic Grow so good that our regulatory agencies gave them carte blanche to just go right ahead and sell their product? I certainly thought that MSDS info was supposed to be a matter of public record and that anyone in the business of manufacturing or distributing a finished product like this would certainly want MSDS to cover their own liability. I learned this a few years ago when I looked into the possibility of having a product made for me on a private label basis. The permits involved made it cost prohibitive.

As far as disclosing information, the good folks at Spray and Grow didn't have any problem disclosing their info, nor did Monty's Joy Juice, nor Superthrive (which really looks like snake oil because of the brown bottle covered in tiny writing on the label).

I'm not slamming the product. I can't do that fairly because I've never used the product. I'm slamming their approach at interacting with public and the pretense at which one individual approached us in this group. I do think it's peculiar that they won't disclose info to us. I'd like to see these people hold themselves to the same standard as manufacturers of other products that we all know and use with confidence.
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