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Originally Posted by creeker View Post
Think I'l try tromboncino (spelling?) next year.
Just a heads up: tromboncino vines are BIG. Like 25 feet long big. So make sure you plan the space accordingly. I actually grow one of mine up a trellis against the garage wall. The vines took over the trellis and are now colonizing a good 8 foot stretch of the railing on the garage roof. I have another one on a trellis in a bed, which was a huge mistake. I've had to cut it back several times just because I simply don't have the space for it to run free. I was so miffed at having to cut the vines that I steamed the leaves and ate them as ssam to make myself feel better about the waste.

Some people have reported low production with their tromboncino. I ordered Franchi seed, and my vines are pretty darn productive as long as I water them very generously and feed them a lot. Unlike the hybrid vining ball squash I grew in past years, these really protest if you let them get hungry or thirsty and will sulk and drop their female buds unless you stay on top of watering and feeding. But if you're diligent, they produce well.
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