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Originally Posted by SQWIBB View Post
I have never seen a yellow jacket pollinate any type of flower.
I have seen them pollinate soda cans.
They are real bad in early fall.
I am always telling folks to cover their soda cans.
Also for some odd, reason they like to fly around people's faces. I have no idea what draws them to do this.
They do eat insects but are indiscriminate predators, like the praying mantis.
I have only seen them in my garden one time when I put out some alcohol soaked pineapples, (picture in earlier post)

sucking a yellowjacket up the straw was how my husband got stung in the mouth a couple years ago, but it was NOV. and no one was expecting them to be hanging out on a nice day.

in the Fall there are plenty of hornets and yellowjackets on the flowers of my raspberries.
carolyn k
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