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Thank you very much for the posts and sharing this process, this is going to be my way of processing any sauce now, simplely the best!
I did not peel or remove seeds before roasting, then I processed it in a food processor, turns out to be the best sauce we've ever had!
Absolutely no need for sugar.

QUOTE=TheClaw;138340]So this recipe is from the SETTFest...

And I made two batches this weekend. And I learned an important lesson...

*NEVER ADD SUGAR* if you are cooking with heirloom tomatoes.

The first batch is a bit on the sweet side. The second batch is heavenly.

We added about a tablespoon of sugar to the first batch against six and a half pounds of peeled and cored tomatoes.

Then we went to Williams Sonoma and bought the 50 dollar OXO food mill.

The second batch had about 5 pounds of tomatoes but both batches yielded about two and a half pounds of sauce. And the manual food mill saved about an hour of prep.

Here are the before and after pix.

First batch before:

First batch midway:

Second batch before:

Second batch after:

Then through the food mill using the medium blade. No pix of that yet.[/QUOTE]
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