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My biggest hope from the weather we are having this year is that the whiteflies that carry TYLCV will be pushed back. They have been a major problem the past three years and I hope it was due to the mild winters that allowed them to venture further north than usual. Those of you that have read many of my posts know that I am big on staggering my plantings of tomatoes so I can have fresh tomatoes right up til frost but the virus really messed my plantings. Last year I didn't set any tomatoes out after April or early May because I knew from the past two years that TYLCV would mean most of those young plants would never produce. Some of my older plants did make a few decent tomatoes in the fall despite the TYLCV virus afflicting them but all the younger plants and weaker plants succumbed to it in late summer.

Having lived here in this area for most of my 70 years I am used to rapid changes in the weather but this has been more up and down than I can ever remember. We have certainly had much colder winters that just destroy everything and some really extremely warm ones that make growing most winter veggies very difficult. Since fall it has been like watching a tennis match with the temps going back and forth so often requiring constant covering and uncovering.

I would love to see a long mild spring so my tomatoes have a chance to get big before our summer heat gets here. Hey and while I'm wishing an inch of rain each week would be nice too.

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