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I feel for you, Bill. The two weeks of cold days and frosty nights are giving way to 60's-40/50's low for the next ten days before the bottom supposedly drops out again.

I have Chinese broccoli plants that are hardening off for a Feb 12 planting date which is in that more temperate window. But then I'll have to really protect them when the cold weather comes back. Yo Yo Weather... a good name for it. They'll get planted regardless as it's a "let's see how early I can plant stuff" thing. I have more plants coming on so if these get blasted despite protection, oh well.

Fall/winter carrots were planted here early September and there are still a lot "stored" in the ground. Mid Sep-mid Oct seems to be the sweet spot for planting here. I found that carrot seed here doesn't come up well when sown late fall. We pull as needed although some are splitting here and there with all the rain. My first post-op stroll to the garden this afternoon will be for pulling a few carrots and more scallions.

I've decided that my trial staggered planting of fall broccoli will do well just so far. The early fall-planted ones made nice heads but I believe the heads became progressively smaller over time as daylight decreased. Planting out dates were 8/4, 8/24, 9/2, 9/21, two plants each planting. The first two plantings produced just fine. The third was a lot smaller and forget the last one. Even side shoot production went to almost nothing for all plants during the short days. Next fall instead of planting 2 at each interval, I'll plant 3 for just three plantings and drop the last one.

As much as I like to try to stretch Mother Nature's growing windows, I'm realizing that "earlier" and "later" plantings will disappoint more often than not so I'm not counting on them any more. Disappointment's a pain in the butt but I'll still probably try to sneak in a few early and lates to see if I get pleasantly surprised now and then.
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