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Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
So far, for me it would have to be Gregori's Altai.

Based on reports I'd read here and elsewhere, I was expecting an early-ish, very tasty, good sized pink beefsteak. The plant piled on a bunch of very early fruit that quickly grew to full size, but then just hung there for about six weeks without even a hint of blushing. When they finally did start showing color, they went to a very pale pink stage, and then stayed there for another couple of weeks.

The first three that finally went to a deeper pink were almost sour/rotten tasting. When I tried one at the pale pink state, it was flavorless.

There are a couple more that are now going to deep pink, so I'll see if it has any redeeming qualities.
Fathers Daughter,
I wouldn't give up just yet. I'm on the MA/RI border. This particular season all of my tomatoes ripened exactly as you described. I know that several local farms and gardeners had the same problem with ripening. I've grown GA for a few seasons now and they really have been great in the past.
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