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Originally Posted by marc_groleau View Post
Fathers Daughter,

I wouldn't give up just yet. I'm on the MA/RI border. This particular season all of my tomatoes ripened exactly as you described. I know that several local farms and gardeners had the same problem with ripening. I've grown GA for a few seasons now and they really have been great in the past.

This has been an odd year!

I finally cut into my first two Donskoi and they had the same problem as GA -- a strange off flavor, almost sour/musty. I guess I will have to give both another chance.

So far the best slicers have been the ones produced by the plants in grow bags. Their in ground counter parts have been either bland (Orange Minsk Heart, Azoychka) or had pitiful production (Cuor Di Bue). I only had inground plants for GA and Donskoi.
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