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Originally Posted by Winemaker View Post
I didn't see any info on the following years. Do you store the Earthtainers with Mix in them over winter? Do you take the mix out and re-wet everything when you startup in the spring? It would seem everything would dry out and essentially need restarting. Can I assume the mix can be reused? This is probably covered in an older thread that I haven't found.
Hi Winemaker. Your answer can be found on page 17 of Ray's PDF under End of Season Maintenance. Here it is:

End of Season Maintenance

Stop filling the water reservoir when the plant starts to die off. A few weeks later,remove the dead plant vines, then remove the cage system and fold. Secure with 2 zip ties. Store inside garage or shed.

Lift off the lid and remove moisture barrier. With a shovel or scoop dig in all around the plant about 5" out from the stem. Grab the stem and lift out the root ball. With both tomato plants, you should be removing approximately 1 cubic foot of old Grow Media. Before it freezes, tilt the 'Tainer at a steep angle to drain as much of the water out of the reservoir overflow hole as possible. Then put the moisture barrier back on and secure it in place with the lid. Cover up with a large trash bag or tarp for Winter storage.

Hope this helps!
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