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My question about EarthTainers involves the filling process; namely Step 5.

Step 5: When you have filled the EarthTainer to within 4” from the top, for tomatoes sprinkle 3 cups of Dolomite Lime on the surface area (use 2 cups for other vegetables). Trowel in thoroughly. Continue to fill with the Grow Media combo. Water-in at each stage. Add in 1/4 cup of E.B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer, or equivalent such as Espoma BioTone when filling the final top layer, and trowel in thoroughly.

Could the lime be mixed when initially preparing the growing media?

5 scoops of grow media
1 scoop of Perlite (2 scoops if using Miracle Grow Potting Mix)
??? cups/scoops of lime???

The reason I ask is because I plan to try the 2-bucket self watering container method for a couple of tomato plants. The ratio would not be the same because of using less grow media in the container.
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