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Sure, but the cage system is a more open subject. The Earthtainer cages can be adapted. Heck, you could even use the same totes, where that's concerned. My bigger point was the difficulty of build. For a one-off, no problem. But I tend to build multiples of everything. The Earthtainer is very labor intensive, relatively speaking. (not relative to a poured concrete raised bed, but in relation to the Albo tote)

No disrespect was intended to Mr. Newstead. If anything, I'm just asking to help streamline the process, and make the process easier, and more popular. This is hands down one of the best growing systems that I've ever used. After establishing that, tweaking it to make it even more optimal should be the most logical thing.

FWIW - I use regular cages staked right into the box, itself. You can tie them together, either standing next to one another, or if you need more room between plants, lay a piece of PVC across the rungs of 2 cages, and "X" tie them with zip ties, for extra horizonal bracing. For what that's worth, a really strong system, is a circle of grow boxes with cages tied together like this, if you've got the room for it.

All of my questions and suggestions are meant to be constructive. If there's a good reason for doing something, I'm good with that. If there's a better way, then I'm all for it.
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