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Originally Posted by rnewste View Post
There is actually very little scrap in building the Rev. 3.9 design (a 1 inch wide belt from the inner container is all that is recycled). The purpose of the second inner container is to funtion as a "double-wall" to provide a thermal barrier from the Sun's warming of the outer container, intended to keep the temperature of the potting mix at a lower level.

Yes, the EarthTainer design costs more to build than some of the cheaper Internet versions - but I published it as a fully integrated, field tested design with cage system that works well and has the durability to last for many Seasons.

Ray Newstead
Ray - Your continued efforts to improve and demonstrate construction of the Earthtainer over many years is one of the reasons you are so popular and respected here and on similar sites. That, and of course the free yellow pear seeds we all got for painting your house
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