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I have 5 Earthtainers going here in El Dorado Hills, Ca. I put the containers on furniture dollies and they are all sitting on a basketball court and they are pretty easy to move around. Plants are loaded with tomatoes and cukes and the tomatoes are already 5 feet tall measuring from the top of the Earthtainers.
I just installed the Auto Watering system and had a question regarding the water level in the bottom of the Earthtainer. I am sure you designed that 13" piece of hose and 16 inch pipe to give a specific water level in the bottom of the container. I was previously hand filling until I could see water just about to come out of the overflow holes. I put one of the auto fillers in a glass and it shut off right around 1.5- 2 inches. It looks like the tube length might be such that there is another 1.5 inches between the bottom of the tube and the fill shutoff point. Can you confirm what the design level is? We are about to leave town for a week and with the temperatures we get here I want to make sure the water level is adequate.
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