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OMG Mark! I can't believe all the beans you have! Of the varieties you're growing, I've only tried Maxibell.

I'll freeze beans if I have too many, but my preference is to use them fresh and pick only what I can use for a couple of days. So many varieties produce all at once, which is great if you're canning or freezing, but not so great if you're like me.

I started off the season with Potomac pole beans and they were great at the beginning but then the texture stared getting not so great. I pulled those. Now I've put in Commodore bush beans. In the past, I've liked these because the harvest is all spread out over about a month, not a one time picking. I've heard similar comments about Landreth Stringless so I've ordered seeds for that, as well.

Congrats on all your great bean production! I hope everyone really liked them.
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