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hey everybody, how're things?

i RRRealy, hate doing this but, i'm under a vicious case of catch up and time constraint.

can anyone please, give me the lowdown on GOOD, net pots and a decent vendor.

am particularly interested in the 3.75 and 3 inch pots.

only discovered this forum and the hybrid RGGS 6 days ago and normally would do some intense research and very probably not have to bother anyone. if this was even a month ago that would be the case, but.

i'm trying set this thing up so that anyone that does this hopefully, doesn't have to mess w/ too much of the minutiae of replacing too many of the parts too often.

so i'd like to get the best pots for durability and openings.

have definitely found a number of vendors but, i do not want to blow the money and the exorbitant (on many of the sites) s&h and get trash.

and i have done numerous searches on this section and the whole forum and can't seem to narrow the search or am just not hitting the correct target words. i'm going to cut and paste this to the gen. discuss. section too.

thanks very much ya'll, for any and all help.
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