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Here is a picture of a device someone made but I have made it simple to look at I think.
This is someones idea of a zero backlash device they made on a video I saw.
When I saw it I knew right off the bat it wouldn't work.
But he thinks it will or does and so did everyone else that commented but me.
What he now has is spring loaded backlash.
everyone one thought what a wonderful idea and why didn't they do this all along.
It is simple it doesn't and cant work.

To remove backlash but not all, you have to force a split nut together or apart on a cross feed adjustment lead screw.
You have to have some they cant be tight or they will just cause wear and you need lubricant to pass through the threads.
There are many ways to make this happen but it has to be positive and lockable in some way.
Not a spring or springs.
The green and the blue represent threads one on the lead screw the other color on the two nuts.
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