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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
I tried the same thing this year. I had 2 jalapenos, they were nice and all but after I bought them in house, in 2 weeks they were full of aphids. So I had to discard them. Unless you seriously spray the peppers a few days before bringing inside you can forget about it. They also had some spider mites.
Did you have aphids and spider mites during the growing season?

I have seen it recommended that you remove the plant give the plant and the roots a good rinsing and then replant in a small pot in new potting mix. I did not do it because I have too many plants (I am overwintering other perennials) and not enough potting mix. B54red brought up the aphid issue earlier in the thread, and I wish for your sake that that matter had been discussed more because pest is a known issue and what needed to be done to address that issue is fairly simple especially since it was only two plants.

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