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Remy, to make the boxes, instead of typing in the Quick Reply box, hit the QUOTE button of the post you want, it's at the upper right of each post.

When I had my plants on Craigslist, I received a message from someone about the plants but never had a chance to write back to her. She wrote:

May I ask where you are located? It might be fun to swap a few plants although I started my tomatoes a bit late this year due to travel. I am growing 50 varieties of tomatoes, 4 types of sweet pepper and 5 hot. I also wanted to let you know we are having our first annual Tomato Feast in East Concord on August 26. We will be doing tomato tasting competitions, recipes, lecture and live music. If you reply with your e-mail I will send more information as it becomes available. Happy Planting! Marcia Ritchie Nottingham Farm

I thought this would be a good date too, as you did, but then saw this message and wondered if this would be in direct competition or? Too bad we couldn't combine everything into one event... I have to look and see where East Concord is... so I didn't reply to her yet and don't know what to make of it... ???
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